Self-harm Questions (Recovering)

1. When did you first start self harming? 15.

2. When you first started self harming, did you have a reason? I was being bullied and harassed really badly and needed a way to take it out.

3. What gave you the idea to self harm? I’ve heard of it but never really knew what it meant.

4. What did you use when you first self harmed? A dull knife at my moms house.

5. How severe was your self harm when you first started? It wasn’t bad at all.

6. How did it make you feel when you first self harmed? It felt amazing, like I was taking everything they said about me and ridding myself of it.

7. Did anyone find out about your self harm? my best friend, my sister, dad, brother, mom, and brothers gf.

8. Did you tell anyone about your self harm? yes.

9. Did you continue to self harm from when you first started? Yes.

10. When was your self harm at it’s worst? When i first started because that’s when i was just an emotional mess.

11. What times have you turned to self harm? Many times. It eventually turned into something that I could deal with past things, future things, present things, and to help me sleep.

12. When did you become addicted to self harm (if you are)? I’m not addicted to it anymore.. but ide have to say when i first started in january.

13. Has there been a time, when you haven’t been able to go without self harming? Yes.

14. Where abouts do you self harm?  I self-harm wherever it feels right.

15. Where abouts have you self harmed? My room and moms house.

16. Where do you have the most scars? Forearm.

17. Where have you self harmed the least? legs.

18. What have you self harmed with? Push pins, scissors, and a razorblade.

19. How do you self harm? Cutting.

20. What are your reasons for self harming? My reasons were bullies, and I constantly tore myself down.

21. What do you like about self harming? It makes me feel better about everything, like nothing matters.

22. Do you want to stop self harming? I’m doing really well!

23. What triggers you to self harm? Pictures of really deep cuts. It makes me want to see how deep I can get.

24. If you went back to the time when you first self harmed, would you tell yourself not to self harm? Abso-fucking-loutely.

25. Have you lost friends because of your self harming? Not really.

26. Who knows about your self harm? my best friend and my family.

27. Are you ashamed that you self harm? Yes.

28. Do you self harm to punish yourself?  yes. when i mess things up with someone or when someone doesn’t want to be my friend anymore.. i act like its my fault.

29. Do others judge you because you self harm? I think so.

30. Do you judge others who self harm? absolutely not.

Where have you self harmed?

[x] Arms

[x] Legs

[] Stomach

[] Face

[] Chest

[] Hands

[] Feet

[] Knees

[] Head -


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